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Bi3 Pharma

Bi3 Pharma srl ​​is a Campania company founded and led by Dr. Michele Balletta, graduated in Biology at the University of Naples with honors in 1994.

Innovative, courageous, inspiring, Bi3 Pharma srl ​​is continuously looking for new ideas and new strategies in the production of supplements and phytoderivatives that allow you to optimize any drug therapies in progress or simply improve the quality of life of those who use it. Furthermore, Bi3 Pharma srl ​​always takes care to select first quality raw materials and cutting-edge production technologies.
The Bi3 Pharma project was born in Campania in 2013 and is based on an innovative interpretation of the concept of dietary supplementation and phytotherapy.

The motto "New Ideas, New Strategies, New Technologies" indicates the path that the company intends to follow in the development of new products.

All Bi3 Pharma products are born from an in-depth study of the pathologies where it is intended to intervene to "help" conventional therapy to optimize its results, using the most recent production technologies and selected raw materials.

The company is currently present, with its products in the PEDIATRIC, ENT, GASTROENTEROLOGICAL, GYNECOLOGICAL, NEPHROLOGICAL and GENERAL MEDICINE fields.

The production takes place exclusively in Italy and the distribution through the Pharmacy channel.

Bi3 Pharma srl ​​is present on the social networks Facebook and Instagram as well as being present on Amazon, below is the link to visit the store:

Food Supplements and Phytoderivatives



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