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How to cleanse the liver: natural remedies and the most suitable diet

Come depurare il fegato: i rimedi naturali e l'alimentazione più adatta

Problems such as abdominal swelling, tiredness, nervousness and excessive difficulty in losing weight can be traced back to a malfunction of the liver, an organ which plays a role of primary importance in the correct performance of metabolic functions. Contexts such as those previously mentioned therefore push us to understand how to cleanse the liver itself through food and natural remedies.

In the presence of an excessive amount of toxic substances, in fact, the liver sees its functions compromised, showing pain and unnatural enlargement. Precisely because of the frequency with which malfunctions of this important organ occur, many wonder about how to purify the liver. In the following paragraphs, therefore, all the remedies useful for guaranteeing optimal functioning of the latter will be provided.

Why is the liver so important for our body?

Before proceeding by describing the main remedies useful for liver purification, it is necessary to understand in detail the reasons why it is necessary to ensure perfect functioning of this organ. The liver, the largest gland in the entire body, is the organ which, contrary to popular belief, is not only concerned with carrying out metabolic functions.
In addition to the production of bile, an essential substance for correct digestion, the latter regulates the storage of sugars as well as the metabolism of proteins and the reduction of their toxic waste, playing a decisive role in the disposal of triglycerides, fats and cholesterol.
Even more important is its function as a filter, essential in guaranteeing the perfect purification of the body from toxins and waste substances. The liver, in fact, is the organ responsible for blocking and eliminating all potentially harmful substances introduced into the body, including alcohol, drugs or saturated fats.
Precisely the aforementioned functions, together with the many other actions performed by the liver, make this an organ whose correct functioning is more than fundamental for each of us. In many cases, the purification of this gland and the restoration of its main functions can take place through greater care in nutrition or through some natural remedies, however more complex situations may require the use of drugs or supplements aimed at performing an action antioxidant and hepatoprotector.

How to cleanse the liver: what are the good habits to follow?

As previously anticipated, the human body physiologically regulates the disposal of potentially harmful substances. Despite this, it often happens that the liver becomes the protagonist of a harmful accumulation which, if not adequately treated, can be the cause of a dangerous morbid process capable of damaging normal biochemical processes and causing illnesses and pathologies.
Contexts like these therefore oblige us to take adequate precautions and to opt for good habits useful for liver purification. Among the recommendations aimed at ensuring an ideal functioning of the liver are, therefore, the following.

Increase water intake

A perfect purification of the liver obviously also involves a greater intake of liquids. Experts and professionals therefore recommend drinking at least one more liter of water a day.

Avoiding alcohol

Reducing or completely eliminating the intake of alcoholic substances is, without a shadow of a doubt, the first step in performing an optimal purification of the liver. In fact, alcohol abuse is the most common cause of liver disease.

Avoid fats

A diet high in fats can cause an abnormal accumulation of triglycerides in the liver and lead to fatty liver disease. In order to avoid this condition, it is preferable to reduce the intake of animal fats, preferring to the latter vegetable oils, which are less caloric and have a higher percentage of omega 3.

Eating fruit and vegetables

It is no secret that eating fruit and vegetables has important benefits for the entire body. Specifically, in order to avoid impairment of liver functions, it is advisable to opt for antioxidant or gluten-rich foods, such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums, oranges, pink grapefruit, melons, apples, pears, asparagus, broccoli , watermelon and papaya.

The liver and nutrition: what to eat and what to avoid

The suggestions previously introduced can prove to be even more useful if they are accompanied by a healthy and correct diet. In fact, there are many foods capable of benefiting liver problems that can be defeated through a simple lifestyle correction.
Among the eating habits capable of favoring the purification of the liver, it is impossible not to mention the intake of the following foods:

  • bitter vegetables
  • beets green
  • tea and herbal teas
  • antioxidant fruit
  • foods rich in glutathione and/or selenium
  • fish.

Absolutely to be avoided are, however, high-calorie and fat-rich foods, which cause a significant increase in body fat and increase the risk of steatosis, a physiological condition often connected to obesity. In order to restore the correct functioning of the liver it is preferable to avoid the consumption of foods such as:

  • fried
  • foods rich in saturated fat
  • simple sugars and refined foods
  • alcohol and alkaloids.

Cleanse the liver thanks to detoxifying supplements

Although the advice provided above can be a valid aid if you are wondering how to purify the liver, more serious conditions involve the use of food supplements which favor perfect detoxification of the gland and an equally proper purification of the liver system.
The effectiveness of this type of product is mainly due to the formulation which must be composed of four fundamental ingredients: the Milk Thistle, the Artichoke, the taurine and the Dandelion.
These help to carry out an antioxidant and hepatoprotective action, a fundamental aspect for combating the suffering caused by a wrong diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking and excessive use of medicines.

Through frequent use of food supplements of this type, it will be possible to immediately notice important draining and detoxifying benefits for the liver, actions which as a consequence generate the normalization of metabolic processes and the regeneration of liver cells.
In a nutshell, taking food supplements rsucceeds in the complex task of restoring the main functions of the liver, guaranteeing two main benefits: the speeding up of the metabolism and the contrast of steatosis.

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