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Low immune defenses: 6 remedies to strengthen them

Difese immunitarie basse: 6 rimedi per rinforzarle

Despite the primary role it plays, low immune defenses and their importance are often overlooked. The immune system is the defense mechanism of our body and, as such, represents the most valuable ally of the human body.
This, indeed, protects ourselves from the aggressions of external pathogens, viruses and any pathologies.
In the event that these are excessively low, it is possible that health problems such as: colds, allergies, asthma or eczema, but also other more serious pathologies. Contexts like these therefore oblige us to take timely precautions, thanks to which we can restore optimal functioning of the immune system and avoid the onset of new pathologies.
In the following paragraphs, therefore, 6 practical tips will be provided to restore the correct efficiency of the immune defenses.

Low immune defenses: causes and symptoms

Before describing the remedies useful for strengthening low immune defenses, it is necessary to specify in more detail what are the causes that determine this condition and how it manifests itself. The efficiency of the immune system is mainly compressed by the decrease in cells, the quantity of which can be reduced for various reasons.
In most cases, this deficiency is due to excessive alcohol consumption, vitamin deficiency, pregnancy or age. Other times, however, the immune defenses can be compromised by incorrect lifestyle behaviors or excessive use of drugs.
The unreliability of the immune system and the lack of protection represent a real health problem, which, as evidenced by subjects characterized by an advanced age, can be the cause of a slower and weaker immune response.
As far as the symptoms are concerned, it is necessary to know that the immune defenses carry out a multiple action, which makes three different functions available to the body:

  • protection of the latter against pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or fungi
  • elimination of dead cells and old red blood cells
  • removal of cancer cells.

In the event that the immune system does not perform the three actions mentioned above correctly, the body would undergo diseases and infections, capable of manifesting themselves through symptoms of different types. The latter not only represent the development of frequent pathologies, but can also be found in less evident ailments, such as for example a sore throat or a cold.
In addition to these conditions, there are also deficits such as an excessive sense of weakness and tiredness, muscle pain, hair loss and disorders relating to the dermis.

6 remedies to restore the efficiency of the immune system

What you have just read allows you to understand very easily how ensuring a perfect functioning of the immune system is an essential aspect for enjoying good health. The immune system is, in fact, the body’s only defense weapon against viruses and seasonal ailments.
Providing the latter with the necessary support to favor the perfect performance of its functions is, therefore, an aspect of primary importance for the daily life of each of us. Here, then, are 6 remedies useful for generating the strengthening of low immune defenses.

1. Taking natural extracts

Many tests and researches have shown that taking certain natural extracts has important benefits for the entire immune system. Elements such as echinacea, beta-glucans, dog rose and astragalus guarantee, in fact, an antioxidant and tonic function.

2. Taking lactic ferments

Staying healthy also means having a balanced intestinal bacterial flora. In this sense, in the event that more discomfort than expected is felt, it is advisable to proceed by taking lactic ferments, a group of bacteria capable of carrying out a protective activity on the intestinal bacterial flora.

3. Integration of Trace Elements

Much research identifies 3 trace elements such as Zinc, Copper and Manganese as our body’s ability to react to external attacks. During periods of flu it would be advisable to integrate them into the diet .

4. Countering stress

Although it may seem like a problem unrelated to the correct functioning of the immune system, stress is one of the main causes of the malfunctioning of the latter. By virtue of this, medical experts recommend carving out time to relax the body and mind and to carry out relaxing activities.

5. Follow a healthy lifestyle

Keeping fit with a healthy diet and correct behavior is the key to a life full of health and well-being. That’s why the secret not to get sick and to minimize the risk of infectious diseases is to take all the nutrients necessary for the body. These can be easily assimilated through the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables or foods with high amounts of vitamins, mineral salts and fibers. However, a correct intake must be combined with a healthy lifestyle and seasoned with regular physical activity.

6. Intake of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is, in all probability, the best known of the vitamins. This plays a decisive role in supporting the immune system, ensuring a powerful antioxidant action that allows you to protect yourself from oxidative stress and skin aging

The 6 tips listed in the previous paragraphs represent a very valid support to the immune systemAlthough they often independently manage to restore the correct functioning of the latter, in some cases it is necessary to combine the aforementioned remedies with the intake of a food supplement specialized in restoring and strengthening low immune defenses.

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