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Immunostimulant supplements for the recovery of immune defenses

The Bi3 Pharma offer of dietary supplements for the immune system focuses on a specific type of supplements: immunostimulant supplements, such as Dunamix D3, a specific supplement for the recovery of immune defenses, ideal in cases of poor appetite, slow growth, asthenia, vitamin deficiencies, post-flu recovery and immune deficiency.
Prodigo, an immunostimulant supplement with echinacea that can be an effective support for the proper functioning of the immune system, improve the body’s defense capacity, reduce the risk of disease and perform a recovery of the immunesystem itself, in cases of chronic or recurrent pathologies, hospitalization or prolonged hospitalization.

For child development and growth instead, Bi3 Pharma has developed Prodigo Baby, a specific supplement for the immune defenses of children. In syrup format, Prodigo Baby is based on DHA, Vitamin D3, B1, B6, B12, Lutein and Zinc.

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