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Bi3 Pharma develops and produces supplements for memory and cognitive decay. These are formulations based on natural ingredients and plant extracts and phytotherapists aimed at supporting cognitive function, improving short- and long-term memory and counteracting the deterioration of mental abilities associated with aging.
The use of dietary supplements for memory and cognitive decay, which must be integrated into a proper diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals, can help compensate – thanks to the intake of the properties of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and phyto-derivatives – cognitive impairment and related problems (such as dizziness, hearing loss, paresthesia) in people with neurodegenerative diseases, in the presence of cognitive or functional damage related to vascular events and in cases of the appearance of symptoms typical of dementia syndrome.

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Supplements for cognitive impairment

In the presence of situations and periods of particular stress (for study, work, lifestyle, insomnia) when you feel the need to improve the ability to concentration, attention and memory, can be a valuable ally Zhaira, a supplement for cognitive and memory deficits, whose innovative and particular composition helps to improve nerve transmission, play an antioxidant action, increase the availability of glucose (for neurons and glial cells) and slow down neuroinflammation (PEA).

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