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Immune defence recovery supplement – Dunamix D3

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Dunamix D3 is a supplement for immune recovery. Its unique formulation of plant extracts, natural ingredients and vitamins can be particularly useful in cases of convalescence, post-flu recovery and immune deficiency.

Thanks to the synergistic action of a mix of naturally-derived components (including Vitamin B and D3, iodine, bovine colostrum, arginine and beta-glucan) and an innovative technique for transporting the active ingredients (Cavamax W8) Dunamix D3, an immune defence syrup supplement, can help restore the correct levels of energy, defence and support of the immune system.

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Dunamix D3 immune recovery syrup supplement

Discover Dunamix D3, the latest immune recovery supplement from Bi3 Pharma. Named after the Greek word 'dunamis', meaning 'strength', Dunamix D3 is a food supplement formulated to help resolve problems that manifest themselves in the form of poor appetite, slow growth, asthenia, vitamin deficiencies, general weakness, fatigue, low energy as a consequence of convalescence periods, during seasonal changes, in cases of particular stress, post-flu recovery and immune deficiency.

The innovative formulation of the immune recovery supplement Dunamix D3 contains:

  • B-complex vitamins: promote metabolic activity and reduce fatigue and tiredness;
  • Iodine: corrects and restores thyroid deficiencies and contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system;
  • Vitamin D3: essential for strengthening bones, promotes mineralisation and growth;
  • Bovine Colostrum: used to stimulate the immune system, aid post-flu recovery and as a useful agent for eliminating bacteria and fungi;
  • Arginine: positively influences growth factors and increases cellular metabolic activity;
  • Beta-Glucan: improves immune response and increases glucose availability at cellular level;

Finally, the presence of γ-Cyclodextrins (Cavamax W8), complex sugars that act as transporters of all the active ingredients present, reduces possible problems of intestinal malabsorption (frequent in
young children, inflammatory bowel disease, chemotherapy and the elderly). Their specific action of attracting medium and large molecules helps to protect them from being attacked by gastric juices,
thus facilitating their easier absorption in the intestine. Dunamix D3 is presented in the form of a syrup whose caramel flavour makes it very palatable.

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