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Type 2 diabetes

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Bi3 Pharma has created the first such complete path in Italy to improve the metabolic picture of type 2 diabetic patients.

This is an extremely innovative, complete and fast service that allows the patient to receive a highly personalized path based on the specific disorder/pathology they suffer from.

How does it work?

Following the purchase of the course, a Whatsapp message will arrive from the Bi3 Pharma expert who will guide you step by step to the consultation with the specialized nutritionist and during the entire duration of the course.

The course lasts 3 months, the ideal duration to obtain great results for improving the metabolic framework.

During the entire duration of the course, every week, there will be constant assistance from the Bi3 Pharma expert biologist.

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What does it include and what are the steps to take?

  1. Following the purchase, we will send the specific integration lasting 3 months and the Whatsapp message will arrive from the Bi3 Pharma expert who will guide you along the way;
  2. The expert will have you book a consultation with the specialized nutritionist;
  3. The consultation with the nutritionist will be carried out online, via video call;
  4. Immediately after the consultation with the nutritionist, you will receive the grammed or non-grammed protocol (based on your needs) and 6 ebooks of healthy and balanced recipes that you can use during the protocol. The objective of the protocol is to educate on healthy eating in a sustainable way in the long term, without the obligation to prepare certain meals during the week, but having the possibility of creating balanced meals based on the protocol in line with one’s pleasures and commitments but also daily unexpected events;
  5. The protocol will begin once everything has been obtained, with the assistance of the Bi3 Pharma expert who will be constantly at your disposal.

What does specific food supplementation for type 2 diabetes include?

5 packs of Ripagen epa and 4 packs of Florico.

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